College of Wiccan Tradition

What is the College of Wiccan Tradition?

This school, the College of Wiccan Tradition, was developed to provide all people access and opportunity to learn the ways and traditions of Wicca.  Our school allows you to set the pace of your learning experience.  Through the sponsorship of you can grow within a structured Wiccan learning environment for FREE.  We plan on challenging you through interactive lesson plans, message boards, and section homework.  We also provide councilors to help you along your way.  We provide everything you need to learn and grow - we ask you take your education with us seriously and use all of the resources you have available. Our College was created in the spirit of the Gods to provide access of the well worn path to all who are called to seek it.

We encourage community interaction through the use of our message boards and chat rooms. Through peer-to-peer interactions you will increase your knowledge base and providing you the ability to network with other like-minded individuals in a safe and supportive environment. Our mentoring program will give you every advantage to speak with a spiritual elder who can answer any questions you have along the way in a nurturing and encouraging nature.

Course Listing:


Healing Magick


Wiccan Life Rituals

Core Lessons on Wicca:

First Degree:

  • Lesson 1: What Is Wicca & Who Are The Gods?
  • Lesson 2: Creating & Organizing Your Book of Shadows
  • Lesson 3: Making Meditation Work for You
  • Lesson 4: Elemental Introduction
  • Lesson 5: Spirit Animals – Working With Animal Familiars & Totems
  • Lesson 6: Ethics of Witchcraft
  • Lesson 7: A Witches Tools & Altar Setup
  • Lesson 8: Ritual Magic
  • Lesson 9: Candle & Knot Magic
  • Lesson 10: Wheel of the Year
  • Lesson 11: Goddess Intensive
  • Lesson 12: God Intensive
  • Lesson 13: Living Wicca

    Second Degree

  • Lesson 1: Healing Magic
  • Lesson 2: Air: Working with the Fae & Other Sylphs
  • Lesson 3: Fire: Working with the Salamanders
  • Lesson 4: Water: Working with the Mermaids & Other Undines
  • Lesson 5: Earth: Working with the Gnomes
  • Lesson 6: Adding A Kick To Your Spells: Power Hours!
  • Lesson 7: Astrology Introduction
  • Lesson 8: Divination Introduction
  • Lesson 9: Spell Writing Intensive
  • Lesson 10: Crystal Magic
  • Lesson 11: Herbalist Introduction
  • Lesson 12: Practical Magic
  • Lesson 13: Coven Crafting

    Third Degree:

    Third Degree in the College of Wiccan Tradition is a one-on-one year and a day course that builds the students strengths and helps attune them with not only themselves but also the Gods, Elementals, and the Earth itself.  In this instructor lead class in which you will speak directly with a professor bi-weekly who will lead you in self-exploration, intensive study, deep mediation, in addition to building your skills as a spiritual leader through peer interaction.  You will have a solid foundation in our ways, traditions, and knowledge and ability of which all Third Degree priests and priestesses must possess.  We will also work with your interests and calling.  This tailored specialization will put the power in your hands to sculpt the pathway to healer, teacher, councilor, spell weaver, or seer.  You will also have the ability to study through all pathways on your journey toward Eldership in the College of Wiccan Tradition.

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The School is Free thanks to Witchy Moon is poud to support this school!

Course Listing:

Wiccan Degree Program
Healing Magick
Pagan Life Rituals

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